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How SwissCenter guarantees a high level of service and safety in its hosting?

Security of web servers

SwissCenter has developed and integrated several modules of Apache/PHP web server that allow strict security between customers present on the same server.

Each web site of a particular client works with its own permissions at the web server process. This coupled with permissions on the root directory of the client that it is absolutely impossible for another client on the same server, even if the site of the other client is completely insecure and/or hacked to access another content of another client on the same server.

At the same time, this solves the problem of permissions that arises when a file is uploaded and it is not possible to edit or delete this file by FTP access. It is also completely unnecessary to use lax permissions of 777 type (rwx-rwx-rwx) on files or directories of the web server to allow the web server to write on files that have been filed by FTP.

Unlike other hosts who do not use this type of technology, SwissCenter invested time in development and can guarantee a perfect security among its various customers.

SwissCenter too often heard customers call for help because the host in which they were, did not offer this type of protection, and their sites were deleted or displayed advertisements for products that had nothing to do with their site.

Security in backup

SwissCenter uses upscale centralized storage systems of "SAN" type. This allows creating snapshots of the file system frequently. These snapshots are also replicated in another datacenter relocated to ensure a seamless disaster recovery.

Currently, SwissCenter is the only host to make available automatically backups with granularity of about 10 minutes! These backups are available via FTP or the management console in the "backup" directory. This allows SwissCenter customers to restore their files independently.

Security of firewall

SwissCenter has equipped its "BGP-4" network by redundant high-level firewall that performs real-time checks on hundreds of network traffic. This can effectively protect customer data against any type of threat. (Viruses, Trojans, PHP vulnerabilities, denial of service "DDoS", etc... are thus blocked before reaching the production servers).

In the study of this project, SwissCenter was found that few of these competitors have this kind of protection in place.

Security in monitoring

SwissCenter monitors all elements of its infrastructure through proactive controls. Thus, most problems can be anticipated and corrected before they affect services provided by SwissCenter.