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Ready to enter the Apanel dimension?

The shared hosting is one of the most widely used solutions for our customers. With it, they enjoy confidently from a professional hosting, while having sufficient memory space for their email exchanges. The reliable and economical solution for businesses and individuals.

The "Apanel" administration and management tool of hosting , developed by the developer team of SwissCenter allows you to organize and manage your hosting, extremely intuitive.

Fully autonomous management

For you the reins! Thanks to our "Apanel" management tool, you can easily add and remove your domains independently.

With our "Reseller" offer, benefit from independent customer space for all your customers. Put your addresses and phone numbers in the footer as well as your logo in the header. You can also set quotas and the services you want for your customers.

We automate web application deployment.

Avoid the unnecessary confusion created by out-of-date, redundant, and obsolete applications. Installatron is actively maintained and only includes the best applications on the web.

New and unique web applications are evaluated regularly for inclusion into Installatron. However, applications that are complicated to use and applications that do not offer unique functionality complicate the website owner experience and are avoided.

Most applications are available to be installed and upgraded in different languages. Some applications are even available in 40+ languages.

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Ideal for developers

Our "Apanel" management console was thought to allow web developers to configure your hosting in depth.

What if my site requires some special settings in PHP? Nothing is easier! Simply log into your management console and go to the PHP section and make the desired change. You can change the size of memory allocated to PHP, the maximum size for upload, execution time, the error display, and many other parameters.

We also implemented an interface in order to configure Ruby-on-Rails, which allows you to change the "document root" of the Apache web server and to point it to your "public" folder, you can also configure the environment of your site (production or development).