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Presentation of our datacenter

SwissCenter has its own datacenter in the World Trade Center of Lausanne. This well-equipped facility, taking advantage of recent technological innovations in network.


Our datacenter is connected with 3 internet providers in Switzerland (Cablecom, Swisscom, Sunrise). Connections are made ​​using redundant Gigabit fiber.

Air conditioning and cooling

Our redundant air conditioning ensures a stable temperature inside the datacenter. We use a system of cold aisle containment, which will allow better cooling of your servers (see diagram below).


The access to the datacenter is done through biometric fingerprint readers, chartered banking level.

Server racks are secured by a door lock, which provide additional security during an access to the datacenter.

We are also equipped with HD cameras, so we can see at any time what is happening inside the datacenter

Fire protection

Inergen® extinguishing agent is unique. Qualities explain his success in the most diverse sectors of industry and the tertiary sector. Inergen® preserves the integrity of equipment, avoid operating losses and is part of a sustainable development approach. It is the oldest of the inert gases substitute for Halon.


Our datacenter is powered by the Lausanne Industrial Services with 100% renewable energy (Nativa®). In case of power failure of more than 2 minutes a group heat and power takes over to continue to supply our premises and the datacenter.

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