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Disaster Recovery Plan

The disaster recovery plan ensures the safety of your data and the continuity of your IT infrastructure and applications in case of a downtime. The replication of your infrastructure will be hosted by SwissCenter, the service can be activated on demand in any specific state your machines were.

Different scenarios of a disaster may occur:

It is necessary to protect your infrastructure and prevent it from disasters or data loss in order to assume your business continuity !

Your data will be stored in our two datacenter located in Lausanne. For more details, please refer to the overview of this page.

Are you anxious about the security of your data and want to opt for a proactive solution? If you don’t have any plan yet, we can help you create your own.

We have exactly what you need, a DRP service is used to be only accessible to large enterprises is now accessible to all small businesses.

Needs and feasibility analysis are free of charge