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Virtual servers advantages

The activation of a Virtual Private Server requires only a few minutes. Just after you submit your order, you will enjoy a fully functional server with all the usual software, including Apache, MySQL, Sendmail, etc.

Total control

You have total control over your VPS as over a real server. You can shut down or restart your server at any moment, as you can do with each of the application running on the server. SSH remote access.

Economical solution

The VPS technology provides a whole range of technical possibilities and a flexibility only approched by much more expensive hardware solutions. It is therefore the best choice for small and medium-sized entreprises that need a high-quality service at lower costs.


The VPS are not only a very complete solution from a technical standpoint; the flexibility of the technology will enable you to customize every important feature of your server and to install whatever software - either open source or commercial - you may need.

Independence and security

The VPS technology provides a highly protected environment, where the performance of the system and confidenciality of the data can be guaranteed. Your most important data can be stored wihtout risk.

Guaranteed quality of service

The VPS technology supports Quality of Service (QoS) and guarantees at least the minimum contractual performance: even in case of overload in another VPS, your server remains entirely available for your applications. Besides, when the load is low on the overall server, your own VPS can benefit from the full capacity of the processor and the memory.