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Advantages of server housing solutions

Our housing solution is appropriate if you have particular requirements on the software or hardware level. You furnish your own server and you administrate it totally independently; you can install, configure, and change it in wahtever way is necessary to support your application. SwissCenter accepts all hardware adn software configurations and leaves you total freedom to conduct your activities. Clients can come on-site for server operations that cannot be conducted remotely

Reliability of hosting and connectivity services

By hosting your server in our datacenter, you benefit from all of the advantages of being in a professional building. SwissCenter assures you of the longevity of your hardware by guaranteeing optimal climate control, both in terms of temperature and humidity levels. The connectivity is directly furnished by one of the most important and robust Internet backbone providers in Switzerland.

Economical solution

Thanks to particular agreements with its suppliers, SwissCenter can provide exceptionally high-quality service at a low price. Server hosting is no longer a solution reserved only for multinational firms. Now anyone can take advantae of the benefits of server hosting, including everything that high performance and high reliability make possible.

Independence and Security

All precautions are taken in SwissCenter's datacenter to guard against disasters and undesired intrusions, including the use of security systems. At the software level, SwissCenter can configure a firewall that can specifically protect your server from all attempts at software-based attacks.

Guaranteed quality of service

Quality of Service (QoS) is guaranteed at all times over the entire network: resource availability is administrated in such a manner as to guarantee each server, as well as the network as a whole, optimum performance. SwissCenter delivers on this guarantee by the use of top-of-the-line Cisco equipment, guaranteeing maximum reliability.