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Online storage

( from CHF 29.00 / month )

The working principle is very simple, we provide an online storage space then you simply install on your computer a program that is responsible for making synchronization. The connection to our servers is carried out via a secure FTP connection (SFTP). The software installed on your computer provides 128 bit encryption for all your data, preventing anyone to read your data.

For the infrastructure, your datas are stored on our servers. These are located in our two datacenter in Lausanne, Switzerland. For more details, please refer to page Presentation of our datacenter.

Synchronisation applications

Cobian Backup (Platform : Windows, Price : Free)
AASync (Platform : Windows / Apple, Price : CHF 29.00)
GoodSync (Platform : Windows / Apple, Price : Free/CHF 25.00)

Calculation of price per month