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Basic service

( from CHF 30.00 / month )

Xen can run one of the following distributions : Debian, Almalinux, Ubuntu et Microsoft Windows Server 2012 or 2016.

Installation fees 39.- (unique fees)

Options (monthly fees)

Backup space modal From CHF 19.00
Pre-installed Windows distribution modal CHF 14.00
Additional disk space for every 50 GB CHF 10.00
Additional RAM for every 1 GB CHF 10.00
Additional cores (per core) CHF 10.00
Additional IP addresses (per address) CHF 10.00
DirectAdmin interface link CHF 15.00
Managed service modal From CHF 49.00
30 days invoice (Switzerland only) CHF 15.00
Decrease of the contract period to 6 months (one time fees) CHF 50.00
Mutualised firewall CHF 20.00